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Memorial created 07-17-1998 by
Marilyn Nejman
Jodi Ann Nejman
January 15 1970 - July 22 1997


"Wind Beaneath My Wings"

How does a mother begin to try to explain to all who visit who Jodi was, and to share with you who she grew to become. She should be here with us all celebrating, renewing acquaintances and enjoying the passion of life!

Jodi's death shocked and saddened all who knew her. Our family grieves her loss daily. We search our souls daily for some meaning as to why this had to happen.  We strive to get though each day and to remember her as she was. The memories are happy yet sad, comforting yet painful.

After some thought she decided that she wanted to work with children who had heart problems. Jodi enrolled back into Edison College in Fort Myers with her studies directed towards medical technology. She also joined a group called the "Polo Club." This is a group of young professionals who dedicate their spare time to community events and to helping the needy. She became very active in this group, and made many wonderful friends.

Besides working, school and charity work Jodi still found time to continue to play tennis, jet ski, and rollerblade. Oh you should have seen this girl Jet Ski and rollerblade!!! A real hotdogger!! Thank goodness for Video tapes that I can still watch.


Jodi and David

In October of 1995 Jodi meet the love of her life doing of all things country line dancing! His name is David. Jodi and David fell madly in love. David is a doctor in the Fort Myers area and was just starting his practice. They became inseparable and David treated her like a queen. Each weekend was filled with boating, jet skiing, traveling to South Beach, weekend cruises, football games and just quiet walks on the beach. David had just purchased a new home and Jodi was busy decorating, planting flowers, and hanging a very special squirrel feeder (Jodi fell in love with the Fox Squirrels which inhabit Florida). David will always carry a special place in our hearts.


Jodi and Tipper Gore

Jodi was born on Long Island and at age four moved to Endwell, New York. She graduated from Maine-Endwell High School in 1988. After attending college locally she decided to move to Florida in 1990. How she loved Florida, this was her new home and there she would stay! Jodi worked for a lawyer first, running his office, becoming a notary, and helping him with political obligations (he was head of the Democratic Party in Southern Florida). She was the hostess to welcome Tipper Gore when she arrived at the airport for a local benefit. 


You would have like who Jodi became, we especially remember her human concerns and how she met individuals and made them feel significant. We must remember her for her mischievous sense of humor, her love for life, her ability to touch people, her ability to conquer the obstacles in her life medical or otherwise, her strength, her independence, her compassion, her readiness to help her friends, her infectious laugh that could make you smile even when you were sad, AND her hugs, she gave the best hugs. After she died I received a letter from a women who's husband Jodi had treated, he had since passed away, but she wrote how much one of Jodi's hugs could help him through the day. I received another letter from one of Jodi's friends that said, "one of Jodi's hugs could last you a week."


We feel cheated that she was taken away from us so young. God only granted her part of a life, yet we must be grateful that she came along at all. Only now that she is gone do we appreciate what we are now without. We give thanks for the beautiful girl that we could call our daughter, our sister, our friend, our love.

I cherish my last time with Jodi and the memories that we made (tattoo and all.) I cherish that she became my friend, besides being my daughter. The beautiful, the caring, the irreplaceable Jodi, who's beauty both external and internal will never be extinguished from our minds.



The Poem Footprints

Jodi loved the poem "Footprints" and when I was packing her things in Florida I came across many copies of the poem and a needlepoint that she was stitching.  On Jodi's bed side table there was a book called "Gentle Reminders, and Daily Affirmations".  I sat down on her bed and opened the book to July 22nd, the day Jodi died. This is the verse I found, "Lives of great people remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and in departing leave behind footprints on the sands of time, I want to leave footprints of love." I think that Jodi touched us all in some way, and that she did truly leave behind for us - FOOTPRINTS OF LOVE!



She who was so loved, as dawn breaks I write her name in the sand ...

While at the beach one morning at dawn, I wrote your name Jodi in the sand, while I sat watching the waves and smelling the clean salt air, I dropped a tear into the ocean. The day you find it Jodi will be the day I stop missing you .....I love you, mom xo

A new day, a new hope ....

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